Welcome to my website. I am matthilde, I like to program stuff and I read books. I built this little place to show my awesome wacky projects and things alike. Enjoy browsing through whatever stuff I made.

I mostly program in C, Python and Java. Most of my big projects are either written in C or Java. Python is more my comfort language for quick and dirty stuff.


This is a selection of what is for me the best projects I have done for now.


no one knows what's in mystery.c

main(a){char b[]={11,27,25,0,26,86,74,15,22,25,19,14,11,26,27,84,1,10,12,93,0,0,0,95,30,13,17,67,9,81,18,29,4,68,62,111,36,69,4,68,85,14,14,255};for(a=0;*(b+a)+1;++a){putchar(*(b+a)^*("compile and run this"+a%20));}}
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