Welcome to my website. I am matthilde, I like to program stuff and i read books. I built this little place to show my awesome wacky projects and things alike. Enjoy browsing through whatever stuff I made.

I mostly program in C, Python and Java. Most of my big projects are either written in c or java. Python is more my comfort language for quick and dirty stuff.

God damn it mat why did you changed the layout again?


Pages of my site containing cool things!


This is a selection of what is for me the best projects I have done for now.


no one knows what's in mystery.c

main(a){char b[]={11,27,25,0,26,86,74,15,22,25,19,14,11,26,27,84,1,10,12,93,0,0,0,95,30,13,17,67,9,81,18,29,4,68,62,111,36,69,4,68,85,14,14,255};for(a=0;*(b+a)+1;++a){putchar(*(b+a)^*("compile and run this"+a%20));}}
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this work is licensed under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial 4.0 international license.

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