Welcome to my little space on the web! My name is matthilde and I am a computer science student in the University of Lorraine, France. I am mostly interested in radio listening (see /shortwave/ in the sitemap), programming computers, theoretical computer science, mathematics and a bit of sociology.

More precisely, I tend to be interested in developing programming languages, doing computer graphics (real-time or not), virtual machines and emudev. As of mathematics, I have found a particular interest in number theory and graph theory, and would love to learn more about those topics.

Please feel free to explore this little space, this website has changed a lot (layout and content) and has built overtime. This website is full of stuff I am really proud of and it keeps growing!

Current cool thing I am hyperfixating on: nothing much.

God damn it mat why did you changed the layout again?

You may also be interested in what I've made on Codeberg!


Pages of my site containing cool things!


This is a selection of what is for me the best projects I have done for now.


no one knows what's in mystery.c

Gone, expect something interesting to appear here instead of the old rickroll anytime soon :)

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