The small website guide

"i am totally a web designer"


In this small guide I will teach you how to write a small, simple and lightweight website like I do. It will be small and straightforward as I have almost nothing to say about that. In short, the guide goes like this:


I have been asked multiples times how do I make my sites because they look great (????). So I decided to write a tiny guide to teach you how to write them.


I always use the same "base" for all my sites, I just change a few things like the position of the main semantic tags, the padding or the colors., my main website, archives of my old wiki

The Cursed Chaotic Programming Research Lab, a queer-friendly pubnix


Before we start, I am going to be clear about it... This is not a guide to learn HTML/CSS, I am just explaining how I write my websites. If you are here to learn HTML/CSS, go somewhere else.
That means I assume you know at least the basics of HTML and CSS.

I have let you know about everything you needed to know, you can now click on the button below to read the guide.