Welcome, traveller of the internet!


This is the projects I am either working on or I have finished making. Some are object to be improved at some point.

Best projects

Some picks of the best projects I have done so far!


Work in progress! An experimental LISP-family functional programming language that supports macro and has Bytecode abstraction.


Optimizing Brainfuck Interpreter that uses Bytecode abstraction to either run code faster or compile it easily into x86_64 code to make a Just-In-Time compiler. (runs Mandelbrot set in 2 seconds!)


LGBTQ-Friendly public access UNIX server to create stuff together.


A fantasy console inspired of the Nintendo Gameboy.

Side projects

Some side projects that I don't think deserve as much attention as my other projects.


A very basic roguelike written in 350 lines of C.

UM8 Reverse Engineering Writeup

This is a writeup of the UM8 virtual machine reverse-engineering contest. This was a fun project to do! (and my first reverse-engineered program). Contains a few sample programs and a C99 port of the original Win32 interpreter.


Functional programming that I was too lazy to document. Figure it out yourself by reading this one giant chunk of Python code I wrote to get it working.


Webserver with CGI support written in Bash.


I challenged myself to write a small BASIC dialect in as less lines as possible. This is a dialect that has been written in around 200 lines of C!


Stack-based esoteric programming language that can only push random integers.


Linux-only FALSE dialect that implements a command to support syscalls. This allowed me to write a (completely dangerous and buggy) webserver using it.

Projects made ironically

Because I was bored.


AI that uses Markov Chain to immitate keyboard smashing of people. Samples included.

Git repository

Progress Quest As A Service

Turns a Progress Quest session into a webpage using a special programs that uses the Win32 API to read information contained in the game session so I can run it in my server. This project was from a joke with a friend and also a fun way to discover the Win32 API.

Old, abandonned projects


My attempt at writing an operating system kernel.


A POSIX Shell script package manager for shell scripts. Since the project became quite uninterresting, we abandonned it. I keep it there because I am kinda proud of it.