Welcome, traveller of the internet!

Website v5

Sat Dec 12 09:52:44 AM CET 2020

The v4 of the website has been truly the best version of my site so far. But I never get enough so this is why I am doing to make a V5. This version will not provide any (major) changes regarding the website but most likely internal stuff and new features...

The v5 will also be designed to be prepared for a potential incoming domain name change because I am not gonna keep this free domain forever.

First off, I am getting rid of Docker. Docker is messed up and there are better alternatives that can even run without a daemon (such as Podman). There are also package managers that does a nice job for running server applications (like Nix).

Second, I am probably going to get rid of useless subdomains. Sub-domains like solarr.-- will be completely gone after this update. mc.-- is also useless so this is also gonna be deleted.

Third, my file uploading service may change. uWSGI is garbage and absolutely not required. AUS (The file uploading service) might be replaced by a simple CGI script as I don't need more than that. uWSGI is a pain to configure and set up and I don't want to struggle with it ever again.

There may have some wall layout changes, trying to make something that looks better and eventually improving my static site generator to be more optimized for blogging and for other stuff.

This layout was great, but I am someone who likes to change stuff often. The layout change for now is not planned. It may come if I think it is really worth it.

Finally, I want to add something I called Funbox. Funbox will be a small server hosted on a Raspberry Pi where I will experiment stuff. I am announcing it here because I may sometimes make my experiment publicly available through the Funbox.

Get ready for a little downtime during this weekend! I am happy and proud to contribute to this large network called the internet.