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Random Blog #1

Thu Nov 19 10:16:38 PM UTC 2020

Hello and welcome to this new series of blog where I will dump a bit the current stuff happening. I know no one cares much but I just wanna write a blog rn.

Recently I've been reading and learning a lot, I also have started developing a kernel and looked into CPU architectures. Really interresting stuff

Kernel development

So yeah, I have started working on a kernel (project is in hang tho :pensibe:). This is a really cool experience, learning how the internals of a modern operating system works. I am writing this kernel to toy arround with OSdev and what I can do out of it.

The design of my kernel is simple, monolithic and monotasking. The purpose of this project is to create a kernel to toy arround and experiment with.

I have also been looking into CPU stuff, since I have started developing the VICERA, I have found CPUs really interresting to look into.

Too many ideas

The reason why my current big project (the kernel) is in hang is because I am having way too much ideas and I feel like it's lowering my motivation. One would say that I am lucky to have so many ideas but it isn't, it most likely makes me want to do everything at once and feel unmotivated doing one project because I want to do another one. I think I should make a break, play some Minecraft, read some articles on Lobsters...

If you want I can give a small list of some ideas I am thinking about

  • VIC-16P CPU, a 16-bit extension of the VICERA CPU
  • DOS-like real mode operating system
  • Forth OS
  • Z80 micro-computer
  • Web server in Erlang
  • Re-organize all my server's filesystem
  • ...

I really hope I will get this overflow of ideas and get into one project.

Why are you posting this?

Because blogging is not only a place where I publicly talk about my projects and such. It makes me happy to write blogs and this is the ultimate reason why I maintain a blog. I don't think about having a large audience, just a place where I can write stuff.

Once my break will be done and I continue working on my kernel, I will write a blog about it :)

Anyways, have a good day and stay safe!