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Fri Oct 30 01:44:53 PM UTC 2020


The VICERA has been probably the biggest project I have ever worked on. This was a really pleasing project to work on and is also the most starred GitHub repo I ever had. Unfortunately I am stopping it's active development and release the 1.0

This blog will talk about the final release of VICERA and why. This will mostly cover the features included in the final release, the documentation, the possible future of the VICERA and what have I learned from this project.

Why? No more updates?

Well, I lost motivation and interest into this project and I think it is now mature enough to make games on it and doesn't require any further development.
The FIFO/Socket feature will remain unfinished unless someone PRs an implementation for it. So is the native Windows support.

Also yes, there will probably have a few updates if I get to fix a few stuff on it when I get bored or if anyone does a pull request. Pull Requests will still be welcome and I won't also hesitate to read Issues. I will keep track on these two things.

What will appear in 1.0.0?

A new instruction set, an assembler, a debugger and a fresh new documentation covering both the assembler and the VICERA.

I am currently still working on the documentation so you are not stuck with reading my messy C code. There is also now a few debugging features that has been implemented in the VICERA.

fifo.c and fifo.h will be kept in the repo but will never be added. There was supposed to be replaced with a socket.c, which I never really worked on. The make fifo command in the Makefile will also be deleted since the FIFO feature has been cancelled.

The update should appear soon in the repo releases. Both for the VICERA and the VICasm assembler.

What have I learned...

I have learned how to plan a project, how to write down a TODO list to know what to do next once I am done with a feature. I have learned that even if some code is done, it can still be improved and fixed: The If it works, don't touch it philosophy is quite bullsh*t for long-term projects. I also learned how to write proper code and design functions.

This also helped me how to better understand memory allocation, pointers, structs and type definitions in C which will probably help me a lot in some future C projects.

This was an awesome experience to work on this project and I hope I will try and make even more innovative work. Thanks you for reading my blog and have a nice day!